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Movement of vital energy, also known as Prana, Chi or Qi, in and around your respective Temple.


Our Logo & It’s Symbolism

The two purple waves represent the duality that exists everywhere in Nature. They shift away from each other at the top to allow a winding path to find its way between the two mountains.

The familiar yin yang is an extract from the Taoist philosophical foundations and the path in between represents the aboriginal concept of Vision-Questing.

Purple was specifically chosen for its position on the harmonic scale, healing properties and because it represents a blend of red and blue.

Blue represents the heavens, while red or crimson represents the earth.

Purple, a combination of the two colors, represents a meeting of the heavens and the earth.

Even symbolic of a harmony between political factions in America.

Our Mission

“Temple Qinesis” began as a free-form study program meant to guide practitioners through various modes of motion, both physical and mental. Our program teaches an integration of mind, biomechanics, emotions, nutrition and life-force energy.

The role of Temple Qinesis is to provide a source of knowledge and also the techniques that will liberate, and bring into manifestation, the highest representation of each person’s unique potential.

We wish to provide more than merely a place where people get into great shape and state of health, but also where they can find community, friendship and a place to learn about consciousness and expand their minds. At Temple Qinesis we aim to empower and strengthen character in individuals young and old.

Each Temple Qinesis Personal Trainer, Class Instructor, and Employee treats their role and career in the fitness & wellness industry with the utmost honor, respect, integrity and dignity.

Our system of self-improvement inspires vitality, health, inner peace, balance, clarity, awareness, courage and gratitude. Our purpose is heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring, yet grounded in science.

At Temple Qinesis, it is our goal is to assist students in their quests for physical, mental and spiritual well-being: a truly priceless health advantage.

What You Will Learn

Temple Qinesis is a fitness laboratory pioneering practical studies in the movements of Minds & Bodies.

We utilize the science of “Kinesiology” to gain a greater understanding of the connections between Mind, Body, Ego, Energy and Consciousness. We apply this knowledge of human mechanics toward our daily lives in order to amplify our philosophical and spiritual understanding of the world we live in.

Temple Qinesis encourages the next stage of human development, both as a society and on an individualized scale. TQ Human Qinetics is centered around Interdisciplinary Training (or Cross-Training) for both the Mind & Body, which allows the student to step outside of the figurative “box” and encourages them to develop a well-rounded lifestyle of functional activity that will expedite personal growth and accomplishment.

Our program advances the popular trend of Cross-Training by introducing and incorporating the Mind Sciences to the formula. All motor actions within the human body/mind machine begin with a “thought” which initiates a communication between nerve cells that are known as “neurons”. Neurons transmit electrical signals to other neurons. Different forms or frequencies of electrical signals will influence certain, specific activities to occur in muscles or glands, based on the initial “thought” impulse created by the human host. Therefore, all actions begin their journeys as “Thought Forms”. Thought is the seed of action. At Temple Qinesis, we consider “thought forms” equally as important as “muscle actions” when applied toward an end result.

We All Move.

Temple Qinesis will coach you to move more efficiently, increase your mobility, and help reduce physical limitations.

We All Eat.

Temple Qinesis will educate you on how to consume what is most beneficial and conducive to your lifestyle needs.

We All Think (Hopefully!).

Temple Qinesis will teach you to live more mindfully, how to build genuine confidence and humility, to increase your visualization and perceptive abilities, and to learn of compassion and empathy.

We Are All A Community.

Temple Qinesis reflects the Buddhist concept of “Sangha” which translates into “a community of enlightened beings”. We have the opportunity to simply live, but let’s live with purpose!

A fit body without proper nutrition is like owning a Ferrari with a gas tank full of mud.

A fit body without an active mind is like owning a Yacht without learning how to sail first.

The Temple Qinesis Human Qinetics Program will help you create an amazing machine with your body, learn how to properly fuel your high performance vehicle, and how to mindfully use your ability to produce optimal results.

How We Began

In 2007, TQ Founder Tobin Osusky began the journey toward a vision, a dream of a more insightful fitness experience for America and our future, with or without sport. His athletic career reaching a climax, he readjusted his purpose and  noticed numerous limitations in the way Americans were training for sport, physically and psychologically. The industry needed a remedy, and clients needed a “from the heart effort” by their trainers. Armed with a motivational story of overcoming enormous odds, overwhelming compassion, and an understanding of the biomechanics of elite-level athletes, Tobin began to travel to schools in New Jersey, training coaches and volunteering for teams that wanted to take advantage of top-notch training methods, physically and psychologically. Expanding beyond athletics, his teachings spread to rehabilitation schools, dance academies, private studios and major corporations. This was the beginning of the Temple Qinesis philosophy that has benefitted countless souls since. His fusion of mental, physical and emotional conditioning helps to harmonize the wellbeing of athletes and non-athletes alike, along their personal journeys toward success and excellence, or recovery and rehabilitation.

Several years later, countless success stories, and a number of champions created, the demand for Temple Qinesis had become stronger than ever. After years of practical field research and business brainstorming and development, the first Temple Qinesis location opened in 2013 and saw considerable success and steady growth. As the population grows, so does competition, from sport to career, and even to relationships!  Society pressures us to excel, but does not equip us with a proper foundation or support system. By empowering the mind, and understanding our emotional states, clients have the advantage of maintaining a greater sense of balance, a stronger ability to recover, and a more dynamic understanding of themselves, strengths and weaknesses alike.  As a society, we have lost touch with the importance of Motion and Activity, and must tune-in for ourselves once again.  Your life is a Temple, and that Temple needs a strong Foundation. Working with Temple Qinesis will show you how to strengthen your foundation, and use your Motion and Activity to create the life you have always dreamed of!

Temple Qinesis aims to motivate clients to improve their performance, but more importantly, to provide them an opportunity to develop higher levels of confidence, self awareness and inner peace; priceless gifts that last lifetimes.

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