The QINESIS Trainers

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
— the Buddha —



Founder, Director and Head Personal Trainer, Tobin Osusky

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
minors in Nutrition, Psychology, Philosophy, Education & Business.

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Functional Strength Training

 Holistic Weight Loss Management

Elite Cardiovascular Conditioning

High Intensity Interval Training

 Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Physiotherapist & Psychotherapist

Former “Athlete of the Year” for Lakeland Regional High School
Finalist for Passaic County “Athlete of the Year”

New Jersey State All-Star in Soccer and Track & Field

CPR & AED Certified

Other Specialties Include: Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention, Chronic Diseases & Spinal Injuries, Advancing Sports Performance,  Parkour & Freerunning, Internal Martial Arts (Pranayama & Meditation), Weight Loss Management, Habit Control and Mental Alchemy

My story begins with struggle.  Two days before I was to graduate high school, a catastrophic auto accident almost took my future away. The car that I was a passenger in lost control and flipped over several times, leaving me severely maimed and pinned beneath a mangled mess of metal and scolding gasoline. Believe it or not, this experience would also equip me with the tools necessary to help anybody I would encounter in life, no matter what challenge they were up against. When I arrived back to awareness days later, I was not the same as when I left. The body that I returned to was broken and burned, slashed and smashed. Numerous fractures in my neck and back had the doctors talking surgery and wheelchair, 3rd degree burns were destined to bubble, crinkle and scar and I had suffered severe head trauma that would potentially atrophy my brain. I was a mess, and this was all topped off by the 500+ sutures that would soon secure my scalp like stitching on a baseball. I was a naked Soul, and now obligated to recreate my entire being (body and mind) from square one, or give up and wither away. I decided to fight, for a chance at life, and for a quality one, free of pain and limitation; I saw no other option than to fight my way back.


At Temple Qinesis I work with a wide variety of clients. Whether an athlete is seeking to improve their performance or a survivor of traumatic injury seeks to improve their quality of life, I am open to helping everyone achieve their goals, and motivate them to live a passionate and active life. My specialty areas of experience exist in Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention, Sports Performance, Internal Martial Arts, Meditation, Parkour, Weight Loss Management and Mental Alchemy. As a client, you will be working with a precise formula of physical exercise, mental management, nutritional guidance and mindfulness training in order to reach your goals safely and efficiently. You will also develop physical strength and endurance, increased energy and confidence, prevention of injuries and imbalances, an advanced awareness, expanded consciousness, spiritual perception, improved vitality and health, and a renewed life purpose.


I’ve been through it all myself, so I understand and empathize with your struggles, depression, physical limitation and frustrations.  I want.. No.  I NEED you to know that you can overcome anything standing in your way.  Your heart and mind are immensely powerful and I will teach you how to unlock this strength!  Not only that, but we will learn to use your own infinite, inner strength to leap any hurdle and climb any wall that you may find on your path to success.  I believe in you, the next step is believing in yourself and calling us to schedule your 1st session!


 Group Fitness Teacher, Tracy Vicente



I am a group fitness instructor, NASM certified personal trainer, and an EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist. With over 10 years in the fitness industry, my specialty has evolved into a focus in balancing and strengthening the body’s kinetic chain – from the ground up. I am proud to share willPower & grace® with Temple Qinesis (Level III Graceful) and believe this barefoot method offers the best balance of cardio, alignment, strength, and flexibility. This method will empower and prepare class takers for all life’s challenges, and help keep them injury free in the process.


I feel that every person has the ability to transform their bodies and lives, and I am passionate to help with every facet – from fitness to wellness and nutrition. Being a full time teacher and an educator at heart with a passion to learn, I acquired Plant Based Nutrition Certification through T. Colin Campbell, Cornell University, to help others nourish their bodies from the inside out.

Having a passion for endurance running, I have run race distances from 5k to UltraMarathons and will support the Temple Qinesis Running Team.

Class Instructor and Yogi, Anjela Cogura

A series of events in Anjela’s life led her on a quest to find optimal mind and body health and wellness. Being 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certified and gaining certifications in Reiki Levels 1 and 2, Anjela feels she’s reaching her true enlightened self through working with others. By holistically helping students deepen the study of their hobbies, she assists in the change of routine lifestyles to ones filled with passion and purpose. When she’s not teaching yoga or trolling behind the desk of her day job, Anjela loves spending as much time outside as possible, preferably hiking with her dog, and spending quality time amongst the warm company of loved ones.


“I want people to know that they are entitled to wake up and go to bed every day without feeling any sort of physical or emotional pain. Yoga teaches us to endure what can’t be cured and cure what shouldn’t be endured.” – Anjela


Owner of Namaste Awhile, LLC

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guider

 Graduated William Paterson University of New Jersey B.S. in English/Writing

Graduated Mindful Body, LLC 200hr YTT, Level 1 and 2 Reiki Certified


Class Instructor & Yogi Erica Diaz

Both of my parents are teachers, so naturally I followed in their footsteps and became one myself.  I love what I do, but I absolutely love to dance. I began taking dance classes as soon  as I could walk. So, I wanted to find a way to incorporate both my love for teaching and my passion for dance.  I decided to go back to school to earn my dance degree. Anything that has to do with dance or in relation to dance I either have done it or am currently learning it.  I also love yoga!  I am in the midst of my teacher training both Vinyasa and Antigravity yoga.

My family is Cuban, so yes the Latin flavors of Zumba come naturally to me.  However, that’s not why I dance.  I don’t do it because it’s easy.  I dance because there is no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music, and letting the rest of the world disappear.

Dancing allows me to learn about my limitations and strengths, to help cope with the world around me, and to get farther in life than I thought I could.  Thanks to dance, I have stopped saying “I can’t do that” and starting saying, “I can do that, just give me some time to practice.”

Group Fitness Teacher and Personal Trainer, Brandon Tolisana


Specialties: Speed, Agility, Power, Raw Strength, Flexibility, Lean Muscle Recruitment (fast twitch/slow twitch)

My personal goal: learning to let go and detach myself from my ego

As a kid I was always short skinny and weak. I grew up watching my idols Jackie Chan and Bruce lee and noticed that we all shared a small body frame, but they still managed to over power beings much bigger than themselves. After that I chose a sport that could help me maximize my efforts of self defense. I chose boxing because at the time there was a boxer coming out of the Philipines who arose to stardom today by the name of Manny Pacquiao. Watching someone I could relate to on tv sparked my love for boxing. So I stuck with it ever since. I started boxing boxing by the age of 11.


I also started to skate and surf vigorously by the beginning of my sophomore year in highschool, which really helped with my stamina. By the end my my senior year I began to incorporate basic weight lifting into my routines. From there I noticed tremendous strength, and power gains that I utilized in the ring. My trainers didnt want me to lift any weights from fear of getting bulky and slow but I continued anyway. I discarded what wasn’t necessary for me and kept what I needed. I delved deeper into the iron game and developed a new love interest. I studied under powerlifting, strongman training, rock climbing forearm strengthening, Olympic lifting, and Isometric training. From there I got into tabata training, endurance running, and the Tao of flexibility.

My goal for myself and clients is to help ourselves find the better/stronger versions of ourselves. I want us to evolve into an apex species. Physically/mentally/spiritually untouchable.

Class Instructor and Yogi, Lisa Straubinger

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a teacher. For almost as long, yoga has been a part of my life. My love of teaching led me to become a school teacher over 20 years ago.

In 2011, after many years of practicing and studying, my love of yoga brought me to complete my 200 hour certification at hOME. Having the opportunity to combine my two passions is such a celebration! The peace, joy and completeness I feel through yoga are the things I long to share. I like to bring a carefree playfulness to my class that lets us explore our limitless potential and our endless possibilities while at the same time creating an invigorating, yet accessible practice.

Simple tools that create a non-threatening way for us to get to know ourselves better; to reconnect to our true selves. It is with an open heart and much gratitude that I thank my teachers for their continual love, guidance and support.

Athlete and Spokesperson, Richard “A-Wire” Lecky


Richard “A-Wire” Lecky, was born in Spanish Town Jamaica. Enamored with BMX for many years, in 1999 at the age of sixteen, he finally got the opportunity to learn to ride under the tutelage of his mentor Dwight “G-Dogg” Morgan.  Riding for thirteen years and professionally for six,  Richard has garnered attention both locally and  internationally. Appearing on MTV’s Nitro Circus in 2009, French based Cream BMX Magazine, ART Lifestyle magazine, College Lifestyle magazine, Smile Jamaica and most recently the cover of the November 2012 issue of JAE magazine.He is the founder of the Krash Test Dummy (KTD) Stunt Team, which consists of seven members. In addition to other events, they have performed at Mountain Dew Stunt Festival, Red Bull Smokin’ Streets and The College Lifestyle Extreme Stunt Tour. Red Bull Energy Drink sponsored Richard from 2006 to 2012, and during this time he planned and hosted Jamaica’s first BMX street competition, Red Bull Conquer the Spots. And had the opportunity to fly to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania in 2006.


He intends to combine his love for BMX and use it as a vehicle for philanthropy through the KTD Project.  A project designed to empower youths through BMX by providing them a safe place to ride, supplying gear and lessons. However, his biggest endeavor to date has been embarking on a journey to participate in the 2013 X Games and to become the first athlete to represent Jamaica. Through a campaign on, he has already begun the journey to raising funds to facilitate both training and travel to the games. Richard’s goal is to spread light on the BMX scene in Jamaica while inspiring youths. Providing the next generation of riders with opportunities and facilities that he did not have, while encouraging the progression of the sport in Jamaica through excellence.

Mind Science and Anti-Deception Coach, John Stessel

Life, growing up was never easy; actually in grade and middle school life was rough. As a product of constant bullying, my mind needed an escape from reality. At the young age of eleven I began to practice two different fields to allow my mind to escape. For the stress and anger relief I started playing ice hockey, and for the pure mental escape I began to practice the fine art of magic. As my life continued my skills in both improved. My hockey career would be a great success and a very fulfilling journey, winning my first international title in eighth grade on the “1980 miracle on ice rink”. After that I went on to win several state and international championships playing for the NJ bandits. To top it off, I started Varsity my freshman year, and continued to start all four years of my high school career. Many would call hockey my hobby, some would even call it my passion, but on the back-burner I had a hidden passion, an obsession most would say.

Stessel, John_20150916_CS (18)

At the age of thirteen I began performing magic professionally, working close up shows, cocktail hours, and corporate events. My skills on the ice and my skills with a deck of cards began to increase hand in hand. My sophomore year would turn out to be very successful for both of my dear passions. For hockey I made the Under-16 AA midget minor, and for magic I had successfully landed my first DVD deal. At the young age of fifteen not only was I playing hockey all over New Jersey but I was becoming a self-made entrepreneur at the same time. My first DVD was called FLUSH linking rubber bands and hit number one on the top charts. As my hockey career came to a close, and I started my first year of college at Monmouth University, things began to change direction. In high school my grades never reflected my true intelligence, maybe it was all the pucks to the head. So as hockey left my life, academics entered. Upon going through my first year of Monmouth University, I was inducted into Phi Eta Sigma, the freshmen national honors society, and I made the Dean’s List both Semesters. This may seem like a huge accomplishment but nothing compared to what was going on in my magic life.


At the same time of balancing school, I had been working on four DVD projects. My second DVD came out called LinXus, and received amazing reviews by the magic community. Finally as I hit my summer vacation my first independent DVD came out called Welcome to My World, a DVD comprised of nine of my original effects. To make this DVD more satisfying, I did it without any outside help; I produced the entire project, and made ‘John Stessel Presents’ a real magic company, through this product “Welcome to My World”. All in all, my life has been a big journey, and will continue to be a long venture, but now with ‘John Stessel Presents’ teaming up with Temple Qinesis’, we will provide new tools for self-cultivation, and allow for self-betterment. I have been at some deep lows, I have fought through scrutiny, but it has made me stronger, and it is all a part of the longer journey we know as life, if there is any way I can help someone, I won’t try to help. I will help.

Photographer and Adventurer, Derekk Gardner

I frequently travel (the country and globe) and enjoy capturing my experiences on camera; along the journeys I usually create videos, as well, so that my viewers can share the journey with me.  I have won photo contests held by companies such as Red Bull, Skullcandy, and Bassnectar, and that has led me to experience some very rare and unique events, that I will never forget and always be grateful for.  Some big names in my Youtube  videos include X-Games Gold Medalists Tanner Hall and Henrik Harlaut , skateboarders Tony Hawk and Sean Malto, and Jamaican BMX rider A-Wire (also with the Temple Qinesis Collective).


I’ve experienced and recorded some amazing things, and love to share with anyone who finds them interesting!  My aim is to  inspire others to travel and experience the world, and to learn from all the experiences along the path, the same way I have.  I will always be grateful for life’s opportunities, and looking forward to more amazing times ahead, for all of us!

You can check my videos out by clicking HERE


We work together to inspire a process of Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness & Self-Realization.

Our collective aim is to empower individuals in Mind & Body, and to promote creativity and wellness in order to manifest more enlightened communities.

We are an ever-growing network of selfless & altruistic  individuals, united by the Temple Qinesis Philosophical Principles of Conscientiousness, Cultivation & Compassion.